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Sekou Smith: Rating the New 2011 NBA Head Coaches (7/24/11)

With the lockout still in progress, the NBAs have nots (and a few of the haves) have continued to improve (in most cases) their teams by evaluating the coaching staffs and moving quickly on putting in a place a management structure that will demand success during the 2011-2012 seasons. Many teams, like the Lakers, Warriors, Pistons, and Pacers have already made this change, while a few others like the Timberwolves are still going through the head coach selection process. Sekou Smith, of the NBA Hangtime blog, evaluates which team selected the head coach that will likely have the most success. Will Mike Brown be able to overcome the demons of Phil? Can Mark Jackson become more than just “Hand Down. Man Down!”?

A quick excerpt:

“Spend 20 minutes talking basketball with Lawrence Frank and I promise you, it’s impossible not to be both impressed with his knowledge of the game and won over by his straight-shooter personality…”

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