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Michael Pina: Which NBA Player Would You Draft First? (8/4/11)

It is a common argument among NBA fans: who is the best player in the NBA? Most would argue today that it is Lebron James (despite his epic collapse in the 2011 Finals). However, let’s say we looked at the argument a different way, i.e., if you could draft one player today to start your team for the future, who would you draft? All of a sudden different factors come into play: what is the age of the player? How well do they fit into the “team” mold? How injury prone are they? Would a center be lower risk?

Michael Pina, of Both Teams Played Hard, evaluates this question and ranks the top 5 players he would draft if posed with such a question.

A quick excerpt:

“A few weeks before Green Bay defeated Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLV, Fox analyst Troy Aikman made a declaration that somehow stands as both shocking and obvious: If every single professional football player were available and he had the first pick in a real-life draft, he would roll with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers…”

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