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David Friedman: The Kobe Bryant Lebron James Comparison (1/20/12)

Historically, in the Kobe Bryant –  Lebron James comparison, Lebron James has typically bested his rival, winning the majority of games in the regular season while compiling better statistics. While in several of the matches, Kobe has suffered injuries that have altered his statistics, the fact still remains that his teams have fared worse in these head-to-head matchups.

That being said, come playoff time, Kobe’s teams have repeatedly outperformed James (despite having a worse regular season record in most cases). Most people would attribute this to Kobe having better talent, however, it must be acknowledged that several of Lebron’s playoff performances have been subpar. David Friedman, of 20 Second Timeout, compares the games between Kobe Bryant and Lebron James and gives his take on where he believes the rivalry stands today. A quick excerpt:

“The Kobe Bryant-LeBron James head to head rivalry is unlikely to be remembered as one of the great battles in NBA history; the only thing that could turn this around is if they face each other at least once in the NBA Finals but after James blew two opportunities to advance to the NBA Finals when his Cleveland Cavaliers had the…”

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