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Kevin Love: The Mamba’s Pick for All-Star Snub of the Year (and maybe Decade)

Kevin Love - biggest All-star snub ever?Yesterday, The NBA Realist picked (or maybe picked on?) Steve Nash as his All-star snub. Well, if Steve Nash got robbed, then what the NBA coaches did to Kevin Love ranks up there with what Kobe did to that girl in Colorado – allegedly. You think Nash’s starting lineup is bad? Try being flanked by “Donnie” Darko Milicic ” (aka, “the guy picked before Melo”) and Michael Beasley all year. If that’s not bad enough, you’re getting thrown the ball by the worst backcourt in basketball – Sebastian Telfair and Wayne Ellington (who?).  Finally, and trust me on this one folks (I’m a die hard Laker fan) — Rambis is a nice guy, but he’s not an NBA head coach.

I mean, Tim Duncan over  Love? Really? Maybe for a Lifetime Achievement Award. Selecting Tim Duncan would have been like giving Al Pacino the Oscar for Devil’s Advocate. Sure he was great in the Godfather 2 (a better movie than the original by the way), but all he does now is jump around, look crazy and yell at completely random times (HUA!).  Duncan is averaging 13.6ppg and 9.4rpg – aren’t those Turkoglu’s career averages? Even Pau Gasol cannot come close to Love’s numbers after he decided to mail it in midseason.

Not only is Kevin Love leading the NBA in rebounding by 2 rebounds per game (15.6 vs. Dwight Howard’s 13.6), he is averaging 21.4 points per page. I mean imagine this – he’s like Dennis Rodman, except he averages 21.4 more points per game. Wasn’t Rodman considered a Hall of Fame power forward? Add to that 47% from the field, 87% from the line and nearly 44% from 3-point range (no, that’s not a misprint), and his omission from this year’s All-Star squad is baffling.

There is one saving grace here however—the Chinese Bill Walton, Yao Ming was voted by a nation of billions to start this year’s All-Star game. He is ineligible, which means David Stern will be responsible for choosing his replacement.  Let’s hope he shows us all some Love and does the right thing…


3 Responses to “Kevin Love: The Mamba’s Pick for All-Star Snub of the Year (and maybe Decade)”

  1. completely agree . NBA coaches are nothing but pawns for the man.

    Posted by TeenWolf | February 4, 2011, 5:16 pm
  2. I’m glad to see that this post was on February 4th… seeing as he did get in, so the vote still goes to Nash.

    Posted by Stormon | February 21, 2011, 12:44 pm


  1. […] All-star snub no more — this was an easy one. Kevin Love is putting up a stat line for the ages this year, with 40 consecutive double doubles and averages of 21.3ppg, 15.6rbg, 2.5apg, 47% FG, 88% FT, 43% 3PT. He is up in every statistical category vs. 2009-10 including averaging 7 points and nearly 5 rebounds more per game. He’s also made Al Jefferson a completely footnote in Minnesota Timberwolves history. […]

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