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Ian Thomsen: The Current State of the NBA Labor Talks (7/29/11)

Each day in the news, we seem to hear about another NBA player who has decided or is “50/5o” on playing overseas during the current NBA lockout — most often in distant and unappealing locales like Turkey and Serbia. In so doing, the stakes have been ratcheted up between the NBA and its players and many decisions have yet to be compromised on. What should the new revenue sharing agreement be? Will there be guaranteed contracts? Hard cap or soft? 5 years or 10 years? And so on.

With so many decisions to be made, it is no wonder why the two sides still seem to be so fair apart in this collective bargaining process. Ian Thomsen, of Sports Illustrated, discusses the current state of NBA labor talks as well as reviews some likely outcomes once the talks resume.

A quick excerpt:

“What are the owners and players going to say to one another when labor negotiations resume Monday in New York?

Neither side is likely to be in the mood to compromise. If action is to take place to save 2011-12…”
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