Around the NBA Evaluating the Worst NBA Contracts (7/31/11)

Regardless of how the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement turns out, the new CBA promises at least one thing:  it will results in less revenue for the players and perhaps less money for their associated teams to pay with. As a result, it is likely there will be a vetting process by each team under the new rules to identify where the worst NBA contracts are in 2012 and how to rid themselves of them.

One aspect of the new CBA that has been discussed has been the idea of an “amnesty clause” — the ability of each NBA team to determine their worst contract and get rid of it without salary cap consequences. JT, or, details this feature and how each NBA team may use it to better their chances during the 2011-2012 season.

A quick excerpt:

“The NBA’s new CBA will almost certainly include an “amnesty clause” – a one-time opportunity for teams to remove their worst contracts from the books. They will still have to pay the players guaranteed monies, but it will not count against the cap…”

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