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A Nash Equilibrium?

Can Steve Nash provide the missing link that has prevented the Lakers from their title aspirations over the last couple of years?

Why Steve Nash is the Greatest Offensive Player Ever

Is it possible that a 6’3″ Canadien point guard with a bad haircut is the greatest NBA offensive force of our time? Jevan Pradas, The Basketball Philosopher, comes to a surprising conclusion.

Steve Nash – A Case of Mistaken Loyalty

Steve Nash has given the best years of his career to the Phoenix Suns, an organization whose commitment to winning has been questionable at times. Has his loyatly been misguided?

Did Kobe Bryant Quit in the 2006 Western Conference 1st Round Game 7 vs. The Phoenix Suns?

As the resident Kobe fan of Chasing 23, nothing irks me more than the claim that Kobe has “quit’ on his team several times during his career. No other argument seems more contrary to who Kobe fundamentally is. This line of Kobe bashing came into play once again during the 2011 Finals as folks began […]

Ten Trades That Need To Happen

Man, those NBA Playoffs were pretty great, weren’t they? So who’s up for some free agency and trade talk? Oh, that’s right…no one. Instead, we’ve had the game taken away from us for what looks to be quite awhile as the two sides figure out how to divide the pie. Sure, we could spend all […]

My Vote For Biggest 2011 All-Star Snub: Steve Nash

Steve Nash gets robbed of an All-Star selection, but we may have found his “separated at birth”.