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Dwight Howard’s Mini Decision

After much hoopla, the self-proclaimed Superman decided to stay in Florida. What were Dwight Howard’s motivation and why were we more bothered with Lebron James’ decision?

Tim Povtak: Will the Orlando Magic trade Dwight Howard? (1/22/12)

Not soon after the Orlando Magic defeated the Los Angeles Lakers this past Friday, the rumors began to swirl that the Magic would not cave in to Dwight Howard’s trade demands.   Tim Povtak from FoxSportsFlorida reports that the Magic are leaning more and more towards not trading him with the belief being that there’s no […]

Adrian Wojnarowski: Why the Orlando Magic Can’t Trade Dwight Howard

It’s been quite a week for the Orlando Magic. They thumped the Lakers. Got thumped while scoring an embarrassingly low 56 points vs. the banged up Boston Celtics. And had their GM essentially challenge Dwight Howard to walk away from $30M in guaranteed money next year. Through all this, the Orlando Magic have quietly put […]

Why A Dwight Howard To Chicago Bulls Trade Makes Sense

Dwight Howard has identified the Nets, Lakers, and Mavs as his top 3 choices. However, The NBA Realist discusses why the team that makes the most sense for all parties involved is the Chicago Bulls.

Ten Trades That Need To Happen

Man, those NBA Playoffs were pretty great, weren’t they? So who’s up for some free agency and trade talk? Oh, that’s right…no one. Instead, we’ve had the game taken away from us for what looks to be quite awhile as the two sides figure out how to divide the pie. Sure, we could spend all […]

What’s Next For The Lakers?

After an early playoff exit, the Los Angeles Lakers have some decisions to make.

2011 NBA Defensive Player Of The Year: Dwight Howard – Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

Chasing 23 Writers cast their votes for 2011 Defensive Player Of The Year.

Dwight Howard For MVP?

Derrick Rose is the clear cut favorite for 2011 NBA MVP. But should he be? This past week, Stan Van Gundy had a very interesting take on how voters should re-evaluate their overall criteria when selecting the League’s annual MVP.