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Sam Smith: Have the Miami Heat lost their swag? (4/5/12)

The Miami Heat are 7-3 in their last 10 games including a tough win last night against a very tough OKC team in addition to beating the 76ers again the previous night (although the 3 losses were by double digits to the Celtics, Thunder, and Pacers).  So Sam Smith’s article from a couple days ago […]

Sam Smith: As usual, Kobe Bryant worthy of MVP status (3/28/12)

There’s no doubt that Kobe Bryant is certainly one of the best players of this generation, and could very likely be considered the best.  He has won 5 NBA championships,  he’s played in 13 All-Star game appearances (missing one due to injury), 11 time All-Defensive team selection, and numerous other accolades over the years.  But […]

David Friedman: James and Wade Have a Long Way to Go to Justify Comparisons with Jordan and Pippen (3/28/12)

Ever since Lebron decided to take his talents to South Beach, the talking heads in the media have made comparisons to the Jordan-Pippen teams of the ’90s that won multiple championships to the current group in Miami.  So far the results have been somewhat of a mixed bag (even with a finals appearance last year […]

Scott Howard-Cooper: Talent evaluators adjust their view on the 2012 NBA Draft class (3/22/12)

In the past year or two there had been quite a bit of hype about the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft especially when players like Perry Jones III returned to Baylor for his sophomore season.  But anyone who has watched any amount of Big 12 basketball this season could not help but notice his disappearing act […]

El Gee: Defense Wins Championships…Except Offense Is More Important (3/14/12)

“Defense wins championships” is a mantra repeated that has been repeated in pretty much every sport for decades.  Behind every flashy offense that gets all the headlines there is usually a pretty stingy defense as well.  And sometimes defensive oriented teams grab the headlines.  But what do the numbers actually show when looking at the […]

Bill Simmons: NBA Trade Value Parts 1 and 2 (3/11/12)

With the trade deadline fast approaching on Thursday, rumors are running rampant all over the place.  But once the deadline passes and the deals are done, then the discussion revolves around which teams got the best values and which teams got fleeced.  And as such, Bill Simmons has released his 12th annual ranking of the […]

David Friedman: The Strengths and Limitations of Advanced Basketball Statistics (3/10/12)

Everyone loves a good sport debate (ok maybe not everyone but certainly most die hard sports fans that frequent message boards and blogs).  All over the internet right now there are arguments happening on Twitter, Facebook and various message boards debating all types of things from whether the Broncos should get Manning and dump Tebow, […]

Jared Dubin: LeBron James and the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (3/7/12)

There is not one single player in the NBA with the exception of Kobe Bryant who ignites more controversy and discussion then Lebron James.  In particular, discussion of  “clutchness” ignite virtual firestorms all over the internet where either of these two players are concerned.  With Lebron’s most recent displays of so called “un-clutchness”  in the […]

Mark Heisler: Is Jim Buss in over his head in managing the Lakers? (3/4/12)

The Los Angeles Lakers have had no shortage of drama this year.   While they are currently 4th in the Western Conference standings (tied with the Clippers for the division lead but slightly behind percentage-wise), the current makeup team is not necessarily conducive to making a playoff run (especially when you look at their less then […]

Bill Simmons: Larry Bird Would Love to Play with Kobe Bryant (2/8/12)

As you well know, we here at Chasing 23 have had several discussions about Kobe and Lebron’s place in the NBA as compared to the greats, including one article that compares their game winning shots that has proven to be quite the lightning rod for discussion.  But nothing gets the discussion going more then some […]