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Kevin Love vs Blake Griffin: Who’s the Better Power Forward?

Blake Grffin and Kevin have emerged as two of the best young power forwards in the NBA? Who is better now and who will be better for years to come?

Sam Smith: Will Minnesota Show Kevin Love The Money? (1/23/12)

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love is certainly off to the best start in his carreer (currently averaging 24.1 ppg/14.1 rpg) and certainly getting a lot of attention after his big time game winner against the Clippers last Friday night.  But as the deadline for contract extensions for the 2008 class approaches, is Kevin Love worth […]

David Kahn’s Illogical Love for Ricky Rubio

David Kahn is looking for a quick-fix, but Minnesota’s long-term solution isn’t about a the 2011 “fixed” draft, Ricky Rubio or a bevy of first-round choices.

Ten Trades That Need To Happen

Man, those NBA Playoffs were pretty great, weren’t they? So who’s up for some free agency and trade talk? Oh, that’s right…no one. Instead, we’ve had the game taken away from us for what looks to be quite awhile as the two sides figure out how to divide the pie. Sure, we could spend all […]

Dirk Nowitzki’s Not A Top Three Power Forward, Yet

Dirk Nowitizki had a great season. He had a great playoffs. He was money when it counted in the Finals. He toughed it out on a night that the flu made him look and sound like death climbing off the crapper. He earned the NBA Finals MVP and honestly should have gotten more consideration for […]

2011 NBA Most Improved Player Of The Year: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

Chasing 23 Writers cast their votes for 2011 Most Improved Player of the Year and discuss how our expectations of how a player should perform affect our interpretation of this award.

Kevin Love: The Mamba’s Pick for All-Star Snub of the Year (and maybe Decade)

Despite putting up historic numbers, the modern day Moses Malone was not selected to the All-Star team.