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The Evolution of LeBron James

E-Dog discusses the evolution of LeBron James, and what we can all expect for the future.

2012 NBA Finals Recap

The NBA Realist offers some last thoughts on the 2012 NBA Finals.

2012 NBA Most Valuable Player: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

The votes are in and it is unanimous. The MVP crown is back on its rightful place, The King.

The Miami Heat’s Limp Towards a Title

The last month of the Miami Heat season has been uninspiring, riddled by injuries and lackluster performances. Do the Heat have enough to win this year and do NBA fans ever really care enough anymore to root against The Scheme Team?

Bill Simmons: Larry Bird Would Love to Play with Kobe Bryant (2/8/12)

As you well know, we here at Chasing 23 have had several discussions about Kobe and Lebron’s place in the NBA as compared to the greats, including one article that compares their game winning shots that has proven to be quite the lightning rod for discussion.  But nothing gets the discussion going more then some […]

Kobe Bryant vs. Lebron James: Game Winning Shots

Contrary to popular belief, Lebron James has demonstrated more success than Kobe Bryant in playoff game winning/game tying shot situations. A detailed comparison of all the makes and misses.

Don’t Crown the Miami Heat Just Yet.

Are the Miami Heat overrated? E-Dog discusses the issues that could prevent the Heat from winning the title in 2012.

Is Shane Battier the Miami Heat’s Missing Link?

The Miami Heat came within 2 games of winning it all next year. Is Shane Battier the key to pushing them over the top?

Lebron James: Confessions of a Non-Hater

It has been more than three weeks since the Mavericks defeated the Heat in the NBA Finals, and the last of the confetti from the championship parade has (presumably) been swept off the streets of downtown Dallas.  But many, many fans in Dallas and elsewhere (especially in Cleveland) are, if no longer vocally, at least […]

A Postmortem on the Miami Heat

Dave Sheridan shares his thoughts on the Miami Heat’s 2011 Journey, the Big Three, and the Dallas Mavs.