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A Nash Equilibrium?

Can Steve Nash provide the missing link that has prevented the Lakers from their title aspirations over the last couple of years?

The Real Reason for the Lakers’ 2012 Playoff Exit? An Aging Kobe

The NBA Realist identifies the real reason for the Lakers’ playoff exit – An Aging Alpha Dog.

Kobe Bryant: A Tale of Two Seasons

Kobe Bryant’s 2011-12 season has been marked by extreme highs and lows. What does this mean for his future and the Lakers this season?

Lebron, Kobe, and the Path to Redemption

Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are two amazing, yet imperfect athletes. How has each fallen from grace and how have their roads to redemption been different?

Notes from the 2012 NBA All Star Game

A historicallly bad dunk contest, A Wade-Kobe mugging, and yet another Pitbull performance…must be an NBA All Star weekend. Daniel Douglas discussion his post All-star thoughts.

Bill Simmons: Larry Bird Would Love to Play with Kobe Bryant (2/8/12)

As you well know, we here at Chasing 23 have had several discussions about Kobe and Lebron’s place in the NBA as compared to the greats, including one article that compares their game winning shots that has proven to be quite the lightning rod for discussion.  But nothing gets the discussion going more then some […]

Henry Abbott: Does Too Much Playing Time Hurt NBA Title Chances? (1/22/12)

It’s no secret that the best players in the NBA play plenty of minutes. And certain players such as Kobe Bryant and Luol Deng log in excess of 38 minutes per game for their respective clubs (both teams happen to be clear contenders for a title). But is there a point of diminishing returns in […]

Debunking The Myth: Did Scottie Pippen Always Guard the Other Team’s Best Player?

It has always been widely assumed that Scottie Pippen -not Michael Jordan – always guarded the opponent’s best perimeter player during those Bulls’ championship runs. Is this fact, or fiction? The NBA Realist unveils the evidence.

Kobe Bryant vs. Lebron James: Game Winning Shots

Contrary to popular belief, Lebron James has demonstrated more success than Kobe Bryant in playoff game winning/game tying shot situations. A detailed comparison of all the makes and misses.

Is Kobe Bryant a Top 3 Player in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant’s recent scoring blitz beckons the question: Is Kobe Bryant a Top 3 Player in the NBA?