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Why Mike D’Antoni Is The Wrong Choice For The Lakers

The Lakers surprised the basketball world by signing the offensive-minded Mike D’Antoni as their next head coach. Chasing 23 contributor Lochpster discusses why this may a decision they soon regret.

Shaken AND Stirred: The NBA and James Bond

What do the NBA and James Bond have in common? A list of the greatest Bond movies and the NBA players and teams that resemble them most.

2012-13 NBA Western Conference Preview: The Rich Get Richer

The NBA offseason once again was a time for the best in the NBA to restock and reload. Can the Thunder finally take their rightful place atop the Western Conference standings?

A Nash Equilibrium?

Can Steve Nash provide the missing link that has prevented the Lakers from their title aspirations over the last couple of years?

The Evolution of LeBron James

E-Dog discusses the evolution of LeBron James, and what we can all expect for the future.

2012 NBA Finals Recap

The NBA Realist offers some last thoughts on the 2012 NBA Finals.


The NBA Realist joined Bruce Blitz for a NBA Finals Preview Podcast on 6/10/2012

7 questions for the 2012 NBA Finals

On the eve of the 2012 NBA Finals, E-Dog offers his answers around some of the most pressing questions surround the main event.

A Realist Point Of View: 5/28/2012

The NBA Realist offers his thoughts on the Heat vs. Celtics, Doug Collins, and next week’s work attire.

What Is The Correct Basketball Play?

Is it better for a Superstar to take the last shot? Or should he defer to this teammates? Lochpster examines the value of the Correct Basketball Play in clutch situations.