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Kyrie Irving – The NBA’s Next Superstar

After experiencing the devastating loss of Lebron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers can look forward to brighter days ahead with Kyrie Irving.

David Friedman: Lebron James and the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers (7/7/11)

We’ve heard it many times this past NBA season. “Look how terrible the the Cleveland Cavaliers did this past year without Lebron James leading them!” “I told you this team had no talent without James.” Lebron James performend one of the great one-man shows in NBA history.” And so on. With the Cleveland Cavaliers crashing […]

Should Lebron James Be Considered A Legend?

If Lebron James retired today, would he be considered an NBA Legend despite having never won a Championship?

Who did more with less? 2009-10 Lebron or 2005-06 Kobe?

A comparative analysis between two of the top players in the NBA