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Derrick Rose Can’t Buy a Foul

Is Derrick Rose too nice for his own good? Does his lack of superstar attitude result in less attention from the average NBA referee?

Michael Wilbon: Chicago Bulls Need Luol Deng to contend for NBA Title (1/26/12)

Even with a rash of injuries, the Chicago Bulls are sitting at the top of the Eastern conference standings after having played 20 games with a 16-4 mark.  But the latest injury to Luol Deng’s non-shooting hand wrist has Bulls fans everywhere worried about their long term prospects this season, especially after a dismal 2nd […]

The Chicago Bulls need a Second Star

For the Chicago Bulls to win the Championship, they will have to do what only 5 other teams have been able to accomplish and win without a second star.

Debunking The Myth: Did Scottie Pippen Always Guard the Other Team’s Best Player?

It has always been widely assumed that Scottie Pippen -not Michael Jordan – always guarded the opponent’s best perimeter player during those Bulls’ championship runs. Is this fact, or fiction? The NBA Realist unveils the evidence.

Why A Dwight Howard To Chicago Bulls Trade Makes Sense

Dwight Howard has identified the Nets, Lakers, and Mavs as his top 3 choices. However, The NBA Realist discusses why the team that makes the most sense for all parties involved is the Chicago Bulls.

Making A Case For the Worm

Dennis Rodman is greatest rebounder to ever play, and belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Ten Trades That Need To Happen

Man, those NBA Playoffs were pretty great, weren’t they? So who’s up for some free agency and trade talk? Oh, that’s right…no one. Instead, we’ve had the game taken away from us for what looks to be quite awhile as the two sides figure out how to divide the pie. Sure, we could spend all […]

Mark Heisler: The Miami Heat Dominance (5/26/11)

And in the end, the Bulls could only present the Heat with the challenge befitting a young, up-and-coming team playing in their first NBA conference Finals. The gutty Bulls kept each game of the series competitive but saw their chances slip away during 4th quarters marked by Lebron James and Miami Heat dominance. Mark Heisler, […]

7 Things the Chicago Bulls Must Do During The 2011 Offseason

If the Chicago Bulls are to keep pace with the Miami heat, they will need to make some very strategic moves during the offseason.

Notes from the 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Some thoughts after 3 games of the NBA’s new Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat Rivalry