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Antoine Walker: The Anatomy of an NBA Trainwreck

Antoine Walker is the model of the broke ex-NBA athlete. Why are so many players in the same situation, and why don’t they seem to learn from mistakes of the past?

Celtics vs. Lakers: Who Has The Brighter Future?

The Lakers and Celtics both find themselves with a window of opportunity nearly closed. Which team is better positioned to rebuild on the fly?

The Gasol for Rondo Trade: Is It Still Necessary to have a Top Big vs. a Top PG?

A look at the recent trade rumor around Pau Gasol and Rajon Rondo and what history suggests the Boston Celtics and Lakers should do in trading a big man for a point guard.

Bill Simmons: Larry Bird Would Love to Play with Kobe Bryant (2/8/12)

As you well know, we here at Chasing 23 have had several discussions about Kobe and Lebron’s place in the NBA as compared to the greats, including one article that compares their game winning shots that has proven to be quite the lightning rod for discussion.  But nothing gets the discussion going more then some […]

Assessing the Future of the 2012 Boston Celtics

Nearly 4 1/2 years after the Kevin Garnett trade, Boston Celtics fan/new Chasing 23 Contributor Matt Bertrand, assesses the future of the team.

Should the Boston Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo?

Sean Cribben discusses whether the Boston Celtics should try and trade their enigmatic point guard.

Ten Trades That Need To Happen

Man, those NBA Playoffs were pretty great, weren’t they? So who’s up for some free agency and trade talk? Oh, that’s right…no one. Instead, we’ve had the game taken away from us for what looks to be quite awhile as the two sides figure out how to divide the pie. Sure, we could spend all […]

Head Coach or Head Scratcher: Evaluating Golden State’s Hiring of Mark Jackson

“We don’t consider it a leap of faith.” That’s what Golden State Warriors general manager Larry Riley told reporters on Monday about hiring Mark Jackson to be the franchise’s new head coach. It’s not a sentiment shared by many around the Bay Area, but when you’re the guy everyone considers a lame duck GM, it’s […]

The NBA Owes Mark Cuban A Debt Of Gratitude

For the next couple of weeks, Dallas is once again home to America’s Team. Not those guys with the stars on their helmets who can’t seem to get out of their own way once the playoffs start. This time, it’s the guys sporting the horsey logos who are earning everyone’s support – so long as […]

Should Lebron James Be Considered A Legend?

If Lebron James retired today, would he be considered an NBA Legend despite having never won a Championship?