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Bill Simmons: NBA Trade Value Parts 1 and 2 (3/11/12)

With the trade deadline fast approaching on Thursday, rumors are running rampant all over the place.  But once the deadline passes and the deals are done, then the discussion revolves around which teams got the best values and which teams got fleeced.  And as such, Bill Simmons has released his 12th annual ranking of the top 50 NBA players and their trade values.  Here are a couple excerpts from the 2 part article:

36. Steve Nash
I don’t blame the Suns anymore. I blame Nash. I think he’s afraid to get traded. I think he likes toiling away on mediocre teams, playing that martyr role and having everyone feel sorry for him. Poor Steve Nash! Look what the Suns did to him! We have to get Nash out of there! #freestevenash Maybe he doesn’t want the pressure of playing in the playoffs anymore. Maybe he’d rather bang out meaningless regular seasons, go traveling during the playoffs and save himself two months of wear and tear. Maybe he’s hiding behind this whole “leaders don’t sell out their teammates by asking for a trade” thing. Maybe he’s just being a coward.

(By the way, I don’t believe any of this — I just wanted to use a little reverse psychology to get Nash to ask for a trade because Phoenix is obviously too cowardly to accommodate him. I’m at wit’s end. Don’t you want him in the playoffs?)

34. Jeremy Lin
This feels about right. It’s certainly better than being ranked between Sean Marks and Zabian Dowdell.”

NBA Trade Value Part 1
NBA Trade Value Part 2

It will be interesting to see which of the players on the list get traded and for who.  Until then we expect rumors every hour (or minute) till Thursday.


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