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Bill Simmons: How to End the NBA Lockout (7/8/2011)

The interesting and tumultuous NBA season has culminated into a nasty lockout that sees two parties, the NBA owners and the players, unwilling to budge from their negotiating positions. From the NBA owners’ perspective, the NBA lockout will end when the players understand that last year they lost $340 million and are operating a business that is no longer sustainable. To the players, nothing is wrong with the current system, and they are highly skeptical that the owners’ finances are as dim as they are represented to be.

Bill Simmons, of and Grantland, envisions what a NBA lockout resolution would look like if he had the ability to dictate terms to each side. Which positions taken are unreasonable and where do each side seem like they have room to give? When will the NBA lockout end ?

A quick excerpt:

“Greed in its rawest form. That’s the National Football League’s lockout. Both sides were like two billionaire drug cartels splitting up a massive cocaine shipment who got pissed off and just started shooting each other. “You took too much! I saw that!!!” They will settle next week and slink into the sunset with their kilos. We’ll forgive them immediately because we love football and just want our Sundays back….”

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