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Why Andrew Bynum Should Be The Lakers’ Second Option

For the past 4 years, Pau Gasol has served as the second scorer for the Lakers. However, given Andrew Bynum’s recent surge, is it time to make changes?

2011-12 NBA Eastern Conference Preview: The Rise of the Heat

The Brown Mamba provides his predictions on the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

2011-12 NBA Western Conference Preview: Loud City vs. Lob City

The Brown Mamba casts his predictions for the 2011-2012 Western Confernce playoff contenders.

Is Shane Battier the Miami Heat’s Missing Link?

The Miami Heat came within 2 games of winning it all next year. Is Shane Battier the key to pushing them over the top?

The End of the Nuclear Winter

And so ends the Great Extortion of 2011. But let’s give the owners some credit. Call them collusive. Call them greedy. And just to create news cycles, call them plantation owners too – but one thing you cannot criticize them for is poor negotiating skills. They came to the negotiating table with the players with […]

Did Kobe Bryant Quit in the 2006 Western Conference 1st Round Game 7 vs. The Phoenix Suns?

As the resident Kobe fan of Chasing 23, nothing irks me more than the claim that Kobe has “quit’ on his team several times during his career. No other argument seems more contrary to who Kobe fundamentally is. This line of Kobe bashing came into play once again during the 2011 Finals as folks began […]

NBAMate.com: Where 2011 NBA Free Agents Should Go (9/3/11)

The lockout drags on. NBA players continue to look internationally to continue their play. As a result, all free agent movement has been put temporarily on hold. All that being said, if 2011 NBA free agency started tomorrow, which teams should sign which available players? JT, of NBAMate.com, discusses some scenarios that depict which NBA […]

J.M. Poulard: Is Kobe Bryant’s Reputation Undeserved (8/30/11)

Throughout his career, Kobe Bryant has earned the reputation of being an uncoachable player that often broke out of offensive sets to serve his own desires as a freelance scorer. As a result, animosity amongst some (so-called “Kobe haters”) has been more prevalent than perhaps any other NBA player in recent memory. J.M. Poulard, writing […]

Which Current NBA Player Would You Draft First?

A few weeks ago, Michael Pina of Both Teams Played Hard wrote a nice article asking the basic question:  “if you could draft one player to start your team today, who would it be?”.  This is an interesting spin on the more asked (and usually beaten down) […]

Jonathan Abrams: The New 2011 NBA Ownership (8/26/11)

With the lockout ongoing, all player transactions have been put temporarily on hold. However, new NBA ownership movement has still occurred. In 2011, there will be at least 2 new NBA owners: Joshua Harris with the Philadelphia 76ers and Alex Meruelo with the Atlanta Hawks. These two franchises have been in dire need of new […]