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2012 NBA Finals Recap

The NBA Realist offers some last thoughts on the 2012 NBA Finals.

A Realist Point Of View: 5/28/2012

The NBA Realist offers his thoughts on the Heat vs. Celtics, Doug Collins, and next week’s work attire.

The Real Reason for the Lakers’ 2012 Playoff Exit? An Aging Kobe

The NBA Realist identifies the real reason for the Lakers’ playoff exit – An Aging Alpha Dog.

A Realist Point Of View: 5/21/2012

The NBA Realist offers his notes/thoughts on the 2012 Playoffs.

2012 NBA All-Defensive Team – The NBA Realist’s Selections

The NBA Realist offers up his picks for the 2012 NBA All-Defensive Team.

Metta World Disaster

The NBA Realist argues that Metta World Peace deserves a 26-game suspension that is equal to that of Kermit Washington.

The Chicago Bulls need a Second Star

For the Chicago Bulls to win the Championship, they will have to do what only 5 other teams have been able to accomplish and win without a second star.

Debunking The Myth: Did Scottie Pippen Always Guard the Other Team’s Best Player?

It has always been widely assumed that Scottie Pippen -not Michael Jordan – always guarded the opponent’s best perimeter player during those Bulls’ championship runs. Is this fact, or fiction? The NBA Realist unveils the evidence.

Kobe Bryant vs. Lebron James: Game Winning Shots

Contrary to popular belief, Lebron James has demonstrated more success than Kobe Bryant in playoff game winning/game tying shot situations. A detailed comparison of all the makes and misses.

Why A Dwight Howard To Chicago Bulls Trade Makes Sense

Dwight Howard has identified the Nets, Lakers, and Mavs as his top 3 choices. However, The NBA Realist discusses why the team that makes the most sense for all parties involved is the Chicago Bulls.