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A Realist Point Of View: 5/28/2012

The NBA Realist offers his thoughts on the Heat vs. Celtics, Doug Collins, and next week’s work attire.

What Is The Correct Basketball Play?

Is it better for a Superstar to take the last shot? Or should he defer to this teammates? Lochpster examines the value of the Correct Basketball Play in clutch situations.

The Real Reason for the Lakers’ 2012 Playoff Exit? An Aging Kobe

The NBA Realist identifies the real reason for the Lakers’ playoff exit – An Aging Alpha Dog.

A Realist Point Of View: 5/21/2012

The NBA Realist offers his notes/thoughts on the 2012 Playoffs.

2012 NBA Most Valuable Player: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

The votes are in and it is unanimous. The MVP crown is back on its rightful place, The King.

2012 NBA Most Improved Player: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

Ryan Anderson won the MIP award this season, but was not the favored choice of most of the Chasing 23 writing team…

2012 NBA All-Defensive Team – The NBA Realist’s Selections

The NBA Realist offers up his picks for the 2012 NBA All-Defensive Team.

2012 Defensive Player of The Year: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

The NBA Realist: Tyson Chandler In all honesty, this should have been Dwight Howard’s award for the 4th consecutive year given that he is still the best Defensive Player in the NBA. I know that when I went on the Blitz Sports Network Podcast, I expressed my intent to for Howard. However, after careful consideration, […]

2012 NBA Coach of The Year: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

This year came down to a two-man race: Thibs or Pop? The results for 2012 NBA Coach of the Year are in: THE NBA Realist: Tom Thibodeau By far, the toughest of all of the selections. I cannot remember a more hotly contested COY contest, as both Tom Thibodeau and Gregg Popovich were deserving, once […]