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2012 NBA 6th Man of the Year Award: Chasing 23 Writers’ Picks

Welcome to the 2nd annual Chasing 23 end of the year NBA awards, as chosen by our writing team (with a special guest this year, the esteemed Bruce Blitz from The first award we will give out this year is for Sixth Man of the Year. If anyone ever doubted that everything can change […]

Brown Mamba’s 2012 Playoff Predictions

The 2012 NBA Playoffs are here. Will this be the last stand for the Boston Celtics? Can Kobe match MJ’s 6 rings? And will Lebron manage to avoid making history (in a negative way)?

Metta World Disaster

The NBA Realist argues that Metta World Peace deserves a 26-game suspension that is equal to that of Kermit Washington.

The Top 5 Small Forward Seasons of All-Time

Lebron James and Kevin Durant are having two of the greatest small forward seasons in recent memory, which begs the question, which small forwards have had the greatest seasons of all time?

The Miami Heat’s Limp Towards a Title

The last month of the Miami Heat season has been uninspiring, riddled by injuries and lackluster performances. Do the Heat have enough to win this year and do NBA fans ever really care enough anymore to root against The Scheme Team?

Download/Listen: NBA Realist on the Blitz Hardcore Podcast (4/12/2012)

The NBA Realist jumps on the Blitz Hardcore Podcast for a 4-hour round table discussion.

Can the Spurs Win the Title?

Greg Popovich and the Spurs have put together another amazing year in 2012. But does San Antonio have enough to make one last championship run?

A Headcase Named Lamar

Lamar Odom had one of the most disappointing seasons by a player in recent memory and reinforced why many believed he has underachieved over his career.

The NBA REALIST on the Bruce Blitz Show Tonight! 11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific

The NBA Realist reemerges from his labyrinth and will participate in a 4-person round table discussion/debate tonight on the Bruce Blitz show at 11 PM Eastern/ 8 PM Pacific. Click here to listen: UPDATE: You can listen to the archived show here

Why is the Western Conference Always the Best?

Why is the West always the Best? Sean Cribben explores factors such as dynamics around culture, luck, and managerial excellence.