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Sam Smith: As usual, Kobe Bryant worthy of MVP status (3/28/12)

There’s no doubt that Kobe Bryant is certainly one of the best players of this generation, and could very likely be considered the best.  He has won 5 NBA championships,  he’s played in 13 All-Star game appearances (missing one due to injury), 11 time All-Defensive team selection, and numerous other accolades over the years.  But […]

Why I Don’t Really Care About March Madness

Sean Cribben discusses why March Madness doesn’t compare to the NBA playoffs and why a 7-game classic is better than one shining moment.

David Friedman: James and Wade Have a Long Way to Go to Justify Comparisons with Jordan and Pippen (3/28/12)

Ever since Lebron decided to take his talents to South Beach, the talking heads in the media have made comparisons to the Jordan-Pippen teams of the ’90s that won multiple championships to the current group in Miami.  So far the results have been somewhat of a mixed bag (even with a finals appearance last year […]

Kobe Bryant: A Tale of Two Seasons

Kobe Bryant’s 2011-12 season has been marked by extreme highs and lows. What does this mean for his future and the Lakers this season?

Dwight Howard’s Mini Decision

After much hoopla, the self-proclaimed Superman decided to stay in Florida. What were Dwight Howard’s motivation and why were we more bothered with Lebron James’ decision?

Scott Howard-Cooper: Talent evaluators adjust their view on the 2012 NBA Draft class (3/22/12)

In the past year or two there had been quite a bit of hype about the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft especially when players like Perry Jones III returned to Baylor for his sophomore season.  But anyone who has watched any amount of Big 12 basketball this season could not help but notice his disappearing act […]

Analyzing the 2012 NBA Trade Deadline Deals: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

The 2012 NBA trade deadline has passed. Who won and lost? And is anyone in Boston still alive post-St. Patrick’s Day?

Derrick Rose Can’t Buy a Foul

Is Derrick Rose too nice for his own good? Does his lack of superstar attitude result in less attention from the average NBA referee?

The Changing of the (Point) Guard

How has the role of point guard as facilitator of the offense in the NBA changed over the recent years? Are the point guards of today worse playmakers than their counterparts of the past?

El Gee: Defense Wins Championships…Except Offense Is More Important (3/14/12)

“Defense wins championships” is a mantra repeated that has been repeated in pretty much every sport for decades.  Behind every flashy offense that gets all the headlines there is usually a pretty stingy defense as well.  And sometimes defensive oriented teams grab the headlines.  But what do the numbers actually show when looking at the […]