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Did Kobe Bryant Quit in the 2006 Western Conference 1st Round Game 7 vs. The Phoenix Suns?

As the resident Kobe fan of Chasing 23, nothing irks me more than the claim that Kobe has “quit’ on his team several times during his career. No other argument seems more contrary to who Kobe fundamentally is. This line of Kobe bashing came into play once again during the 2011 Finals as folks began […]

Hadaril Jones: Do the Lakers Need Another Star to Win a Ring in 2011-12? (9/10/11)

The 2010-11 NBA season came to a humiliating conclusion for the Los Angeles Lakers. After being swept by the more athletic Dallas Mavericks, the Lake Show was left with a series of offseason questions that have yet to be answered. – Will a new coach implement an offensive and defensive scheme that will suit the current […] Where 2011 NBA Free Agents Should Go (9/3/11)

The lockout drags on. NBA players continue to look internationally to continue their play. As a result, all free agent movement has been put temporarily on hold. All that being said, if 2011 NBA free agency started tomorrow, which teams should sign which available players? JT, of, discusses some scenarios that depict which NBA […]